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The Library provides a variety of material to support the academic programs of West Virginia State University and to provide materials which contribute to the information and research needs of faculty, students, staff and the surrounding communities. Bibliographic classes and personal instruction are given to help students develop the information retrieval skills used for lifelong learning.

There are more than 200,000 books and 300 current periodical subscriptions available in the the Drain-Jordan Library. More than 9,000 bound periodical volumes and 200,000 items are available in microfilm, microfiche and through online Periodical Databases. The Drain-Jordan Library has been a selective depository for United States public documents since 1907. An Instructional Materials Center and Archives Department are located in the building.

Library materials can be located with the online catalog and by checking the Periodical Holdings List. All collections (Government Document, Archives, IMC, Reference, video collection, and the circulating stacks) are boolean searchable by the online catalog. Periodical Holdings (magazines, journals, newspapers) physically in the building are located with the Periodical Holdings List which lists the starting and ending volumes, years and the format of each volume. Different format (microfilm, microfiche, storage, CD, paper) are located in different parts of the building (see periodical room map for most locations). Periodical Indexes are available in both paper (Periodical Room) and electronic/web formats.

The library subscribes to several Periodical Databases with FullText articles (linked page gives descriptions). EbscoHost and InfoTrac SearchBank databases include general academic and business among other indexes (not all their indexes have Full Text articles). EbscoHost's Newspaper Source has articles from newspapers and news services. Criminal Justice Abstracts has abstracts (no full text) in the law, security, and criminal justice fields. ComAbstracts has abstracts from communication, theatre, film periodicals. ERIC (education), PsyINFO (psychology), and MLA (literature) database subscriptions are through EbscoHost. Searches using web-based Periodical Databases with FullText can be done anywhere on campus. EbscoHost and InfoTrac SearchBank can also be searched offcampus by currently registered students, faculty and staff of WVSU using a password (subscription agreement).

Ten microform reader/printers are in the Periodical Room, two systems are attached to computers in the lobby; three paper duplicating machines are located in the lobby area, along with a dollar changer. Copies are 10¢ a page on all machines.

The library has over thirty-six internet computers in the lobby area which can be used with Microsoft Office and Open Office. Two systems have a copy of MS Works to allow printout of work done at home. Computer printout can be sent to a laser printer (10¢ a page, black ink only) or a color laser printer (50¢ a page). All computers have CD burning software. (If burning bring enough blank unused CDs for mistakess.) Nine systems have scanners attached. NOT ALL thumb drives work with every computer. If you intend to save work to a thumb drive, PLEASE make certain it works with the computer and you can write to it before writing a long paper. If the thumbdrive does not work, the library has a few thumb drives that can be checked out. If you are writing to a thumb drive or CD, confirm the work is saved by checking the (CD/thumb) file on a different computer, before leaving the library.

Only currently enrolled students of West Virginia State University can check out materials and order books/articles through Interlibrary Loan. The other facilities can be used by anyone within the building.

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