ACADEMIC YEAR 2007 - 2008
WVSU Faculty Senate Archives 
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draft version
Date Agenda Minutes e-Handouts
Feb 1 word word Nov minutes; EPC-Wilson; Lib Annual Rpt-Hall-wordprf; WVSU Pres Carter-outline-word, outline-rtf; VPAA-Byers rtf, Gus R Douglass Term Policy-Byers-pdf, Gus R Douglass Term Policy-Byers-word; BOG report-Smith; ACF report-Richards; IBOA report-Whipkey;
March 7 word word EPC-Wilson; WVSU Pres Carter-outline-rtf, outline-word; VPAA-Byers Acad Calendar Fall, Spring; BOG report-Smith; ACF report-Richards; IBOA report-Whipkey; BOG draft policy 58-Bookstore; MeritPay Comm-Lewis-proposed policy , Lewis powerpoint;
April 4 word word Cultural Activities; Teacher Education-Orr; WVSU Pres Carter-outline-rtf, report-rtf; VPAA-Byers, VPAA-Byers response on LG questions from Senate; BOG report-Smith; ACF report-Richards; Exec Comm Report-Levine; Report Search Comm for VPAA-Levine; AcadCalender Comm-Guetzloff Proposed Changes Fall, Guetzloff Spring, Proposed change to Final Exam schedule;
May 2 word EPC-Wilson scanned; Program Review-Baker; Promotion and Tenure-Spencer; R & D guidelines-Sekabunga; Faculty Personnel-Molnar, Faculty Personnel Due Dates 2008-2009; Retention-T. Ford-Ahmed; WVSU Pres Carter-rtf; WVSCTC Interim Pres D'Antoni; VPAA-Byers word2007, word; BOG report-Smith scanned; ACF report-Richards; IBOA report-Whipkey; Proposed Merit Pay Policy (pdf)
May 8 cont. of May 2nd meeting
Jan 9 word word Dec minutes-draft
May 8 word Proposed Merit Pay Policy.pdf; Resolutions introduced, amended and passed
Executive Jan 4 word
Jan 25 word word
Feb 29
March 21 word
April 25
May 23

DateAgendaMinutes e-Handouts
Sept 7 word word minutes-May 4, 2007 meeting; GE comm-Pietruszynski; WVSU Pres Carter-word, rtf format; WVSCTC Pres report-Bartley; VPAA-Byers; Budget report-Parker; Parker-additional; IBOA report-Whipkey; BOG report-Smith; ACF report-Richards; ACF-WVHEPC presentation-Richards; ACF Legislative Issues 2007-08 Richards; Proposed Changes...Bought to Senate;
Oct 5 word word WVSU Pres Carter-outline-word, outline-rtf; WVSCTC Pres report-Bartley; VPAA-Byers-word, Byers-wordperfect; BOG report-Smith; ACF report-Richards; Letter to Pres. Carter-Senate reaction about Chair Release Time ; Role of the Senate-Magan-Original-word, Role-Magan wordperfect; Motions to the Const-Bylaws-Hand Comm;
Nov 2 word word EPC-Wilson; WVSU Pres Carter-outline-word, outline-rtf; WVSU Pres Carter-report-word, report-rtf; VPAA-Byers; BOG report-Smith; ACF report-Richards; IBOA-Whipkey; Exec Report to Senate; Letter to Dr. Wohl-Const.Bylaws;
Nov 30 word word EPS-Wilson; WVSU Pres Carter-outline-rich text, outline-word; WVSCTC Pres report-Bartley; VPAA-Byers-word, Byers-wordperfect; BOG-Smith; proposed for Spring Senate calendar;
Aug 14 word
Dec 6 word word
Executive May 25 word
Jun 1 word
Jun 8 word word
Jun 15 word
Aug 24 word
Sept 28 word
Oct 26
Nov 16 word word