ACADEMIC YEAR 2008 - 2009
WVSU Faculty Senate Archives 
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Date Agenda Minutes e-Handouts
Feb 6 word word
March 6 word word WVSU Pres. Carter-outline (word), (rtf); VPAA Byers (docx);
April 3 word word;
Motions Passed April 3;
WVSU Pres. Carter outline; VPAA Byers (docx)
May 1 word 2007 word Faculty Personnel Comm-J. Levine; WVSU Pres. Carter outline; VPAA Byers; Guetzloff last message Apr30, 2009;
May 15 Word elections elections: 9:30am Wallace 122
Jan 14 word word December minutes
May 15 word word Questions for Admin.Affairs from Exec.Comm; Bayer Resolution
Executive Jan 30
Feb 27
March 20
April 24

DateAgendaMinutes e-Handouts
Sept 5 word word;
Faculty Resolution of Emergency Preparedness
EPC-Wilson final report 2007-2008; Faculty Personnel Due Dates-JLevine; Pres. Carter's Letter to Bayer Plant Manager; VPAA-Byers; WVSU Compact Reporting Elements Summary-Byers; Compact Report-AppendixA-STEM faculty (xls), in (xlsx); Compact Report-AppendixA-Statistical Data with Goals; ACF-Richards; Proposed Merit Pay Policy from April 2008; Safety Motions-Guetzloff; Purchasing Procedure Problems-Barber; Request for Revision of Purchasing Procedures-Chairs of the Dept of Natural Science & Mathematics; Evaluation of WVSU President-Comment A;
Oct 3 word pdf EPC-McCoy; Faculty Scholarship Comm.-Ford (Fac.Scholarship minutes: Aug 15, 2007, Oct 23, 2007, Nov 8, 2007, Feb 5, 2008, Sep 17, 2008); Endowment Agreement-Apr 18, 2008; VPAA-Byers; BOG-Smith; ACF-Richards; ACF Legislative Issues 2009; WVSU Budget Report FY2008, as of June 30, 2008; Maintenance Projects list; Discretionary Academic Forgiveness Policy; WVHEPC's Title 133 Procedural Rule, Series 22 sections 4 and 5; Update of Amended Purchasing Procedures-Parker-Sept 9, 2008; Amended Purchasing Procedures-Byers-Sept 12, 2008; Nominations for Campus-wide Committees (revised staff copy)
Nov 7 word, pdf; word EPC-McCoy; WVSU Pres. Carter-outline; Approval of faculty Merit Pay Policy Proposal by Pres. Carter; VPAA Byers (docx); VPAA Byers Faculty Info Session - Graduate Education; ACF-Richards; Motions Passed Oct 3 meeting
Dec 5 word Research and Development Comm-Sekabunga; WVSU Pres. Carter-outline; VPAA-Byers; ACF-Richards; Resolution Procedures for Sheltering in Place- approved by Senate Dec 5; Motions Passed Nov 7 meeting; Request to VPAA Byers to provide compensation for FS secretary; Comparative Budget Reports for Fiscal Years 2008 and 2009 as of Oct 31th; Office of Academic Affairs proposed budget for FY2008-2009 (Nov 10); WVSU Budget Report FY2009 as of Oct 31; Papers from the Budget Advisory Comm meeting-Nov 11;
Aug 19 word word Resolution for a change in the Constitution of WVSU Faculty Senate;
Ad Hoc Student Evaluation Committee Report-Naga; Proposed Merit Pay Policy;
Letters to Admin: FS Land Grant resolution-welcome ; copy of LG Resolution; Shared Governance, Provost Position; Merit Pay resolutions and percentages; email to Pres Carter on Merit Pay-Aug 17-2008;
Admin Response to Senate Inquiry about LG faculty status
Dec 19 word word 10am - noon, Wallace lecture hall
Executive May 15
Jun 6
Jun 20
Jul 18
Aug 15
Aug 29 word word
Sept 26 pdf
Oct 31 Questions about Applying Merit Prop-Byers
Nov 21
Dec 12