ACADEMIC YEAR 2009 - 2010
WVSU Faculty Senate Archives 
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Date Agenda Minutes e-Handouts
Jan 22 word word WVSU Pres Carter-outline word; BOG packet; Budget Handouts-Dec 16, Budget Handouts-Jan13;
February 12 word word EPC McCoy; WVSU Pres Carter-outline word; VPAA Byers (word), VPAA Announcements, Inclement Weather Decision Making Process; BOG packet; Handbook changes CTC;
March 5 word word EPC McCoy; WVSU Pres Carter-outline word; VPAA Byers word, VPAA March announcements; ACF Collins, Great Teacher Seminar facts and application; The Higher Learning Commission has Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions: An Overview, 2007 Edition available on their site - Dr. Peiphrey-Institutional Assessment
April 2 word word Constitution, Bylaws & Handbook Spencer; EPC McCoy; Research and Faculty Development Armstrong; WVSU Pres Carter-outline word, Tech Park Press Release, Gov Manchin Release Tech Park; Draft remarks to BOG tenure-Magan draft 1, draft 2
May 7 word EPC-McCoy; Faculty Personnel Comm-Levine; Faculty Scholarship-Ford (Aug 19), (Oct 29, 2009); Promotion & Tenure-Spencer; Teacher Ed-Orr; WVSU Pres Carter-outline; VPAA Byers, Message to Faculty; BOG meetings: June 11, 2009 minutes, June 29 special meeting minutes, Sept 10-agenda, and minutes, Dec 3-agenda, and minutes, January 28, 2010-agenda, and minutes, March 4 minutes, April 22-agenda; MOTION: Membership of Gus R Douglass Institute Faculty on Standing Comm.; Dept Public Safety-Spring 2010 reports
Jan 13 word Intellectual Property Policy recommended revisions (red)-Hankins; Motions sent to VPAA Byers after this meeting
May 14 word 10am
Executive Jan 15
Feb 5
Feb 26 word email meeting
Mar 30 word word
Apr 30 word

DateAgendaMinutes e-Handouts
Sept 11 Word word 2007 Faculty Senate meetings in Ferrel Hall 305 at 1:30pm
May 1 minutes; May 15 minutes-election of Executive Comm.; BOG minutes June 11th VPAA Byers report; Douglass Term Policy Amended August 8, 2009 (Word); Intellectual Property Rights Policy for Faculty comments (Word), and in Acrobat (.pdf); Faculty Retirement Study-draft
Oct 9 word word Meeting in Ferrell Hall 305 at 1:30

EPC-McCoy ; General Ed-Pietruszynski; WVSU Pres Carter-outline word, handouts; VPAA Byers (word), Byers rtf; ACF-Collins; Phased Retirement email-Spencer WVSU 3 Year Budget Plan-Apr 13, 2009, Budget Handouts-Sep 16, 2009;

Nov 6 word word EPC-McCoy; WVSU Pres Carter-outline word West Side Beautification Project Grant; VPAA Byers report; Bayer letter-Oct 28, 2009; Douglass Term Policy Amended-110909; Budget handouts-Oct 15
Dec 11 word pdf Constit-Bylaws-Spencer CTC references; EPC-McCoy; WVSU Pres Carter-outline word; WV HEPC Out-of-State Tuition; Camp Washington-Carver Letter; WV HEPC news highest enrollment; VPAA-Byers (word), VPAA-Byers Recommended Procedural or Policy Changes 220; BOG background; ACF-Collins
Aug 18 word 2007 word Shelter In Place Draft Wish List-3; May 15th minutes
Dec 17 word word 2007 12:20pm - 2pm
(relinked from September 11): Intellecual Property Rights Policy for Faculty comments (word), pdf; Faculty Retirement Study-draft and Phased Retirement email-Spencer
Executive Aug 14 Word 2007
Sept 2 Word 2007
Oct 2 word
Oct 30
Dec 4
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