Faculty Senate Archives 2010-2013

ACADEMIC YEAR 2010 - 2017
Board of Governor's Reports

CALENDAR: 2010 - 2017
Summer 2017 June 15
Spring 2017 April 27
March 16
Jan 25
Fall 2016 Nov 10Schedule;
BOG packet
Institutional Advancement Comm-packet;
Presidental Rev. Comm-agenda;
By-laws Special Comm-agenda;
Academic Policies Comm-packet;
Audit Comm-packet;
Recruitment & Recruitment Comm-packet;
Finance Comm-packet
Sept 15BOG schedule;
BOG agenda-packet
Institutional Advancement Comm -packet;
Audit Comm-packet;
Recruitment & Retention Comm-packet;
Academic Policies Comm-packet;
Finance Comm-packet
Aug 12BOG agenda pdf
Summer 2016 June 16BOG meeting schedule;
full board agenda packet
Institutional Advancement Comm-packet;
Audit Comm-packet;
Recruitment & Retention Comm-packet;
Academic Policies Comm-packet;
Finance Comm-packet
Spring 2016 April 28 Institutional Advancement Comm.-packet;
Audit Comm.-packet;
Recruitment & Retention Comm.-packet;
Academic Policies Comm.-packet;
Finance Comm.-packet;
March 17Schedule for March 16 and 17 March 16:
Presidential Search Advisory Comm.
March 17:
Audit Comm. packet;
Recruitment & Retention Comm. packet;
Academic Policies Comm. packet;
Finance Comm. packet;
Full Board agenda-packet
Jan 27-28Schedule for Jan 27 and 28
agenda-Jan 27
agenda-Jan 28
Jan 28:
Institutional Comm. packet;
Audit Comm. packet;
Recruitment & Retention Comm. packet;
Academic Policies Comm. packet;
Finance Comm. packet
Budget reports done Jan27th
Jan 4Executive Comm. agenda;
Full Board agenda
Fall 2015 Dec 21 Special Meeting- 10am 113 Ferrell Hall initially announced Presidential search committee;
Charleston Gazette-Mail article, Dec 20, 2015, by Samuel Speciale, WVSU board to start search for new president
Dec 11 Nov budget report;
Oct budget report
Oct 29Agenda packet;
Committee Schedule
Institutional Advancement Comm. packet;
Audit Comm. packet;
Recruitment & Retention Comm. packet;
Academic Policies Comm. packet;
Finance Comm. packet
Oct 14meeting of Academic Policies Committee Academic Policies packet Page Comparison between Sept 10th Budget Book and Oct 14th, 2015
Sept 10schedule Sept 10-11 BOG agenda and packet for Sept 10th Institutional Advancement Comm. packet;
Audit Comm. packet;
Recruitment and Retention Comm. packet;
Academic Policies Comm. packet;
Finance Comm. packet
Sept 3Pres. Review Comm.
Summer 2015 June 17 - 18Meeting Schedule BOG agenda and packet for June 18th Audit Comm. packet;
Recruitment and Retention Comm. packet;
Academic Policies Comm. packet;
Finance Comm. packet
Spring 2015 Apr 23Meeting Schedule;
agenda packet
Institutional Advancement Comm packet;
Audit Comm packet;
Recruitment and Retention Comm packet;
Academic Policies Comm packet;
Finance Comm packet;
earlier budget
Mar 19Meeting Schedule;
BOG agenda & packet
Institutional Advancement Comm packet;
Audit Comm packet;
Recruitment and Retention Comm packet;
Academic Policies Comm packet;
Finance Comm packet
Jan 29BOG Meeting Schedule Jan 28-29, 2015;
agenda packet
Institutional Advancement Comm packet;
Audit Comm packet;
Recruitment and Retention Comm packet;
Academic Policies Comm packet;
Finance Comm packet
Jan 28BOG Meeting Schedule Jan 28-29, 2015;
BOG agenda packet-Audit Presentation and Discussion;
BOG agenda - Constituent Presentations
Fall 2014 Nov
Oct 23BOG Meeting Schedule Oct 22-23, 2014;
BOG agenda Oct 23 packet (includes minutes Sept 4 and Institutional Compact work)
Institutional Advancement Comm packet;
Presidental Review Comm agenda Audit Comm. packet;
Recruitment & Retention Comm. packet;
Academic Policies Comm. packet;
Finance Comm. packet;
Budgets Oct 23
Oct 22BOG Meeting Schedule Oct 22-23, 2014 Presidental Review Comm. packet
Oct 13Presidential Review Comm. packet packet includes agenda, previous minutes
Oct 8Academic Policies packet packet includes agenda, previous minutes and Compact Report elements
Sept 5Retreat agenda Presidential Review Comm. packet
Sept 4BOG meeting Schedules Sept 4-5;
BOG agenda (with June 12 min.)
packets include agenda, minutes from last meeting, etc:
Institutional Advancement packet;
Audit Comm. packet;
Recruitment and Retention packet;
Academic Policies packet;
Finance Comm. packet
Aug 12Execut. Comm. packet
Summer 2014 June 12agenda
Meeting Schedule
BOG packet; WVSU BOG Recognition of Larry L. Rowe;
WVSU BOG Recognition of Scotty White;
Intent to Plan: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music; Budget Report; WVSU Self Study Update June 12, 2014
June 4packet-Pres. Review Process Comm. packet left includes: agenda, April 23th minutes, Comments on Proposed BOG policy 61, copy of proposed policy 61, more comments, another copy of 61
Spring 2014 May 1agenda-pdf;
Packets include agenda and minutes from March 20th: Institutional Advancement Comm. packet; Audit Comm. packet; Academic Policies Comm packet; Recruitment and Retention Comm. packet; Finance Comm. packet
April 23docx packet includes agenda, Presidential Review Process minutes, Proposed BOG policy 61: Employment and Evaluation of President
April 17
March 20meetings schedule BOG agenda and packet (includes minutes for Jan 22, Jan 23, Feb 24) Institutional Advancement agenda and packet; Audit comm. agenda and packet; Recruitment and Retention agenda packet; Academic Policies agenda packet; Finance Comm. agenda packet; Program Reviews large pdf includes:Bachelor of Arts in Art (pdf pages 2-80), Bachelor of Science in Recreation (pgs 81-124), Bachelor of Science in Social Work (pgs 1125-209) and Bachelor of Science in Sports Studies (pgs 210-266)
March 19Presidential Review Process Ad Hoc Comm. agenda packet
Feb 24docx actions at meeting
Jan 23BOG agenda; Institutional Adv. Comm; Audit Comm; Recruitment & Retention Comm; Academic Policies; Finance Comm BOG meeting schedule Jan 22-23
Jan 22BOG agenda; Executive Comm agenda Meeting Schedule Jan 22-23
Fall 2013 Nov 14-15pdf
full BOG 12:30-2:00 Thursday
packet includes committee reports and minutes from Sept 20th and Oct 25th
Oct 25Acad Policies Comm at 1:30 in 113 Ferrell Hall and by conference call; agenda. Full Board of Governors at 2:30 113 Ferrell Hall and by conference call. docx
Oct 22docx
Sept 20agenda includes June 12 & 13 minutes agenda packet; WVSU Legis. Post Audit Report Sept 2013
Sept 19Academic Policies Comm. agenda (with minutes April 25); Finance Comm. (with minutes June 13); Audit Comm. (with minutes June13); Recruitment & Retention Comm. (with minutes June 13)
Aug 26agenda
Summer 2013 June 13agenda; Packet Standing Committe Roster 2012-2013; Committee agenda and Budget information; Committee minutes from April 25th
Spring 2013 Apr 25pdf Committee minutes report packet, handouts
Mar 7 packet
Jan 24pdf BOG packet
Fall 2012 Dec 6BOG agendas and schedules packet of reports
Nov 1BOG agenda;
Academic Policies Comm.-agenda
Acad Policy, Recruitment and Retention, University Advancement comm.; Finance and Audit comm. Packet of reports (includes Sept 20 min.); Legislative Post Audit Report WVSU-Collection and Deposit of Revenues for July 1, 2008-June 30, 2009
Sept 22Special Meeting Finance Comm.-agenda Academic Policies Comm.-minutes; Univ. Advancement Comm.-minutes
Sept 20 BOG Standing Meeting Schedule 2012-2013 pdf, doc;
Draft minutes from June 14; Draft Compact,part 1-Sept 20, part 2; Recruitment & Retention minutes-June 14; Acad Policies minutes-June 14; Finance minutes-Aug 22; Institutional Advancement minutes-June 14 corrected; BOG Audit meeting minutes-June 14
Aug 22 WVSU FY2013 E & G Budget as of July 31, 2012, WVSU FY2012 E & G Budget as of June 30, 2012
Summer 2012 July 10Finance agenda 2010 Campus Crime & Fire Safety Report Book
June 14 agenda;
schedule of meetings
Acad Policies Comm minutes June 14 Agenda Packet-part 1, Agenda Packet-part 2; Brian Hemphill CV-WVSU President;

Acad Policies Work Plan for 2011-2012-Accomplishments-June 2012; Intent to Plan MPA (ambrosius 5-30-2012), Fall Enrollment as of June 13; Campaign Donations; Finance and Audit Comm.; Provost's report, Provost-Letters of Appointment, Children and Pets at work, Provost's Letter-Working with BOG; revised Extension Summer Program
Spring 2012 April 26BOG agenda.pdf, meetings April 25 & 26 FY2013 Budget-passed
Apr 10BOG agenda pdf Finance Comm-agenda
Mar 22BOG agenda pdf Jan 26 minutes, Executive minutes from March 1 Provost Byers report, Acad Policies agenda, Acad Policies Jan 26 minutes; Acad-Follow Up Program Review, Follow Up Forms and Summary for BS in Biology, MS and MA in Biotechnology, BA in Political Science and BA in Sociology;

Recruitment and Retention - agenda, Recruitment and Retention minutes for Jan 26; earlier Operations Agreement between R & D and WVSU, Affiliation Agreement form between R & D and WVSU BOG; BOG Bylaws as of March 13; Budget actual expeditures Jan 2012-part 1, part 2; University Council Minutes-Feb 2, 2012; Resident Hall request for proposal; process of Presidential Search-March 7th;
Mar 21 Schedules for March 21 & 22; WVSU Office of Business and Finance report, WVSU Budgets at end of February 2012, Finance Comm-agenda and Jan 26 minutes; Audit Comm-agenda, Audit Comm-Jan26 minutes; Institutional Advancement Comm-agenda, Institutional Advancement minutes for Jan 25
Jan 26BOG agenda, Institutional Advancement, Academic Policies Minutes from Nov 10 and Dec 21 Special meeting Schedules for Jan. 25 and 26; Acad. Policies Comm-agenda, Acad. Affairs report, Acad Policies Comm. minutes-Nov 10;
Budget July to Dec 31, 2012; Capital Campaign; Institutional Advancement comm - minutes for Nov 11;
Program Review follow-up reports, Follow Up Review-Health Science (2), Follow Up Summary-Health Sciences, Follow Up Review REC-History, Follow Up Summary History, Follow Up Review REC-RBA, Follow Up Summary RBA, Follow Up Review REC-Recreation, Follow Up Summary Recreation

Recruitment & Retention minutes-Nov 10; Finance Comm. agenda and Nov 10 minutes; Audit Comm. agenda and Nov 10 minutes; Combined Financial Statement for years ending June 30, 2011 and 2010 with Independent Auditor's Report; Housing report;

Charleston Gazette, Jan 20, 2012-WVSU Students, faculty say what they want in a new leader-Paul J. Nyden , Pres. Search Suggestions-Ledbetter Pres. Search Committe-Jan 20, Pres. Search-Advisory Comm-Jan 25, 2012-agenda
Jan 25 Institutional Advancement Committee-agenda, and minutes from Nov 11 WVSU Admission Standards Variance - Draft
Dec 21 pdf Addendum to Pres. Carter's contract, Pres. Carter's Five Year Contract; Mantra Dorm Study-Single Page, Mantra Double Page
Dec 14 pdf pdf President Search Plan;
Dec 9 Executive Comm. minutes
Nov 10 Agenda Packet for meetings Nov 10, includes: agendas, minutes for various committees Response to Magee Report by BOG; Financial Analysis of budget
Oct 21Spec Comm-Personnel Special Committee on Personnel Matters and Policy meeting at 2:00pm, 119 Ferrell Hall

Oct 13Executive Committee Strategic Plan 2011-2013 revision Oct 11th; WVSU Magee Report from HEPC-problems; Revitalization Project for WVU Tech submitted to HEPC-Oct 7, 2011, Charleston Gazette article about Tech
Sept 22pdf Compact Draft-Sept 16; Academic Policy Comm.; Budget Update; Background Information on Financial Position: part 1, part 2, part 3; Finance Comm., added page; Action Item-hiring freeze and purchases; Recruitment and Retention; Campus Facilities Workshop Sept 22; Planning and Advancement Comm.; Breakdown of Current Expenses FY2011; WVSU Branding organizing structure proposal; Capital Campaign History: Appointment Letter; Strategic Plan Feedback
Sept 9 Finance Committee agenda; Personnel Comm. agenda; Executive Committee Exec. minutes-pdf,
Personnel Comm.
SNA and SRECNA years ending 2010, 2011 draft (docx); Dates on Deficits-Banner (xlsx); Finance Comm. Presentation; Letter to Dr. Noland from Pres. Carter about subsidizing the CTC-Feb 2008; Part time Student trend 2007-2011
Aug 26 pdf minutes-pdf, Finance Comm. WVHEPC Higher Education HR Mandates; SB 330 Passed Version, summary by Bruce Walker; New Student Housing Summer 2011 ver2; Strategic Plan with Goal 7; proposed WVSU Organizational Chart-August 25, 2011; Finance Committee:
agenda; FY 2012 Budget; Financial Report 2011; All Funds Report; Accounts Receivable; Staffing Report; Enrollment Update; Enrollment Graphic; Enrollment Update for Week of August 15, 2011; June 30, 2011 deficit; Cash Excess Shortfall-August 25; Cash Fund August 25; How Budget and Accounting are set up
Aug 25 pdf
Aug 23 pdf Letter to L.L. Rowe from Local W Club; response to letter about recent events-Student Rep. BOG
Summer 2011 Aug 11 pdf pdf WVSU Chancellors Master Plan Recommendation Summaries.pdf; BOG Standing Committee Roster 2011-2012.pdf; Fall Enrollent Predictions; Info on Collaborative Program with Concord University; New dorms; Budget Report ending Fiscal Year; Media Studies Center; RuffaloCODY part 1, part 2
June 23 pdf minutes-pdf June 23, pdf Table of Contents for Agenda, Suggested meeting dates for FY 2012, Approval to Add a Content Specialization in Agriculture Education and additional page, Budget report, Finance report April 28th, Capital Projects; Mercer Schedule recommendation; Planning and Advancement Committee; Recruitment & Retention-April 23, Recruitment cover sheet; Recruitment and Retention; Presentation on Student Housing; Update on Fleming Hall
Spring 2011 April 28pdf doc, pdf Fundraising Campaign; Strategic Plan 2011-2013; Honory Doctorate Spring Commencement; Acad Policies minutes-Jan 27, minutes-April 28; Acad Affairs-Program Review; BS in Education; BS in Psychology; Budget 1: Fees 2010-2011; Budget 2: Salaries; Application Fees; Tuition Projections; Finance agenda; Budget report Apr 18; Finance minutes March 10, minutes April 8, minutes-April 28; Planning & Advancement minutes-April 28; Recruitment & Retention minutes March 10; Recruitment & Retention minutes-April 28; Student fees; Finance Student Affairs FYI faculty Proposed Budget FY 2012; Patterson Presentation Strategic Plan; Strategic Plan Section; Fundraising Roles of Planning and Advancement section;
Mar 10pdf doc Itinerary March 2011; Pres Carter report outline; Minutes from Jan 27 for Finance, Recruitment and Retention, and Planning and Advancement BOG committees; Academic Goals and Stategies 2010-2015; HEPC report Feb 8, 2011-part I, part II, part III, part IV; Philanthrophic Operations and Organizational Management-word, pdf; Branding,Marketing and Communications Assessment; Finance Committee- agenda and budget; Classified Staff-Porterfield
Jan 27pdf; outline pdf Pres Carter report outline; Motions; Purchase of Property; Second Year Report of WVSU Compact; Minutes of Nov 11, 2010 Finance Comm; Financial Audit presented; Financial Analysis ending Dec 31; Budget Rpt All Funds; Special Reports-Housing, Food Services, Physical Fac Services; Athletics Acct Review FY-2010; Analysis of Athletics, WV Sports Data, WVSU Sports Data, AVI Contract-Food Services; WVSU-KVCTC Service Agreement Contract-signed Jan 2011; Governor's FY2012 Budget Recommendation: HEPC Budget Analysis FY2012 by Program, Changes if budget adopted-Walthers; Faculty Senate presentation-Ruhnke
Dec 9 pdf Special Meeting
Nov 11 pdf Economic Impact of Colleges & Univ. on WV-FY 2008; Budget Summary rpt FY09 - FY10; E & G report FY10 as of Sept2009; All Areas report FY11 as of Sept 2010;
Nov 3 pdf cover sheet; Banner Receivables Nov 3, 2010
Oct 14pdf pdf Recruitment and Retention Comm-Sept 23, and Oct 8, Oct 29, and Finance Comm-Sep 23; Presentation to change BOG bylaws; BOG Bylaws; Budget Rpt ending Sept 30, 2010;
Sept 23pdf pdf Policy 59 Intellectual Property Rights Management (IPRM); WVSU budget 2010-2011; Finance Comm. June 10 Financial Aid report for HEPC; Downtown Media Center-Coleman; Fleming Hall Renovations and Additions-Whyte; WVSU Mission Statement changes-Byers; Capital Campaign-Berry; Budget Report-All Funds on June 30, 2010;
Summer 2010 June 10 pdf Current Issues in American Education - WV
WV Gov Projected Fiscal Outlook, July 2010
Six Year Finc Plan - June 30, 2010, Comparation of Budgets FY 2009 and 2010 on June 30th; Objectives for Pres. Carter 2010-2011-Draft;

Most of these documents will be in Adobe Acrobat formats.