ACADEMIC YEAR 2010 - 2011 WVSU Faculty Senate 
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Board of Governor's Reports

CALENDAR: 2010 - 2011
DateAgendaMinutes e-Handouts
Summer 2010 June 10 pdf Current Issues in American Education - WV
WV Gov Projected Fiscal Outlook, July 2010
Six Year Finc Plan - June 30, 2010 Comparation of Budgets FY 2009 and 2010 on June 30th; Objectives for Pres. Carter 2010-2011-Draft;
Fall Sept 23 pdf pdf Policy 59 Intellectual Property Rights Management (IPRM); WVSU budget 2010-2011; Finance Comm. June 10 Financial Aid report for HEPC; Downtown Media Center-Coleman; Fleming Hall Renovations and Additions-Whyte; WVSU Mission Statement changes-Byers; Capital Campaign-Berry; Budget Report-All Funds on June 30, 2010;
Oct 14 pdf pdf Recruitment and Retention Comm-Sept 23, and Oct 8, Oct 29, and Finance Comm-Sep 23; Presentation to change BOG bylaws; BOG Bylaws; Budget Rpt ending Sept 30, 2010;
Nov 3 pdf cover sheet; Banner Receivables Nov 3, 2010
Nov 11 pdf Economic Impact of Colleges & Univ. on WV-FY 2008; Budget Summary rpt FY09 - FY10; E & G report FY10 as of Sept2009; All Areas report FY11 as of Sept 2010;
Dec 9 pdf Special Meeting
Spring 2011 Jan 27 pdf; outline pdf Pres Carter report outline; Motions; Purchase of Property; Second Year Report of WVSU Compact; Minutes of Nov 11, 2010 Finance Comm; Financial Audit presented; Financial Analysis ending Dec 31; Budget Rpt All Funds; Special Reports-Housing, Food Services, Physical Fac Services; Athletics Acct Review FY-2010; Analysis of Athletics, WV Sports Data, WVSU Sports Data, AVI Contract-Food Services; WVSU-KVCTC Service Agreement Contract-signed Jan 2011; Governor's FY2012 Budget Recommendation: HEPC Budget Analysis FY2012 by Program, Changes if budget adopted-Walthers; Faculty Senate presentation-Ruhnke
Mar 10 pdf doc
Itinerary March 2011; Pres Carter report outline; Minutes from Jan 27 for Finance, Recruitment and Retention, and Planning and Advancement BOG committees; Academic Goals and Stategies 2010-2015; HEPC report Feb 8, 2011-part I, part II, part III, part IV; Philanthrophic Operations and Organizational Management-word, pdf; Branding,Marketing and Communications Assessment; Finance Committee- agenda and budget; Classified Staff-Porterfield
April 28 pdf doc Fundraising Campaign; Strategic Plan 2011-2013; Honory Doctorate Spring Commencement; Acad Policies minutes-Jan 27, minutes-April 28; Acad Affairs-Program Review; BS in Education; BS in Psychology; Budget 1: Fees 2010-2011; Budget 2: Salaries; Application Fees; Tuition Projections; Finance agenda; Budget report Apr 18; Finance minutes March 10, minutes April 8, minutes-April 28; Planning & Advancement minutes-April 28; Recruitment & Retention minutes March 10; Recruitment & Retention minutes-April 28; Student fees; Finance Student Affairs FYI faculty Proposed Budget FY 2012; Patterson Presentation Strategic Plan; Strategic Plan Section; Fundraising Roles of Planning and Advancement section;
Summer June 16

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