ACADEMIC YEAR 2010 - 2011
WVSU Faculty Senate Archives 
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Date Agenda Minutes e-Handouts
Feb 4 word pdf Cultural Affairs & Educational Assemblies; EPC-Anderson; Program Review-Waugh; VPAA Byers; Student Affairs-Casto; BOG-Guetzloff; Capital Campaign draft-Pres. Carter;
March 4 word draft pdf EPC-Anderson; WVSU Scholarship-Proposal 2011, WVSU Scholarship Award Procedure-draft; VPAA Byers, Goals, Academic Plan 2010-2015 Goals and Strategies-docx, pdf; Student Affairs Casto; ACF-Collins, 2011 West Virginia Great Teachers Seminar; Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ Indianapolis (IUPUI) Administrative Withdrawal Policy;
April 8 pdf Fund Campaign-Pres. Carter; VPAA Byers; Student Affairs-Casto; EPC-Anderson; Teacher Ed-Orr; Ad Hoc Comm Acad-Financial Aid Prob-Admin Removal-Ladner; Finance Comm. Info April 8-Special Meeting; Governance Structure WVSU Peer institutions, Staffing 2009 at WVSU Peer Institutions;
May 6 pdf VPAA Byers; Student Affairs-Casto; Marts & Lundy 1990 capital campaign feasibility study; Items for discussion, request for information from Pres. Carter
Jan 12 pdf
May 12 pdf doc
Executive Jan 28 word
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Board of Governors - Reports

DateAgendaMinutes e-Handouts
Sept 10 word 2007 word Faculty Senate meetings: 305 Ferrell Hall
May 7th minutes
General Ed-Pietruszynski; ACF Issues; Academic Affairs Organizational Structure Aug 31, 2010;
Oct 8 word word EPC-Anderson; VPAA-Byers, Revised Mission Statement-Byers, VPAA release to FS; BOG-Guetzloff; Intellectual Property Policy recommended revisions (red)-Hankins from Jan 2010 General Faculty meeting; Budget Report-All Funds-discussion on negative balances
Nov 5 word word VPAA-Byers, VPAA-Byers Letter to Faculty; BOG reports for Oct-Nov meetings; Student Affairs-Casto; Faculty Scholarship Issues
Dec 3 word 2007, pdf pdf VPAA-Byers; VPAA-Byers message, VPAA-Byers Title III-handout, HBCU Masters FY11 Public Document 2, Title III Part B Public Document 2, Title III Part F FY11 Public Document 1, Student Affairs-Casto; Ad Hoc WVSU Honor's Comm-Harper;
Aug 17 word Wallace Hall 122
10:30am - 12:30pm
- - - -
May 14th Minutes
Dec 16 word
12:20 PM - 2:00 PM, Wallace 122
Executive Aug 27 word
Oct 1
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