WVSU Faculty Senate ACF 2011-2012

ACADEMIC YEAR 2010 - 2012
Advisory Council of Faculty Reports

CALENDAR: 2011 - 2012
Spring 2012 Feb-Mar House Bills in Senate - March 12; Senate Bills in House - March 2012; Completed Legislative Actions 2012 Session
Jan 13
Dec 8 Presentation: PEIA Potential Changes July 2012-June 2013; PEIA Public Hearing Info-Nov 15th; Letter to PEIA asking them to use reserve fund to offset increases; ACF Dec Presentation Virginia Code about Coverage for Clinical Trials
Nov 18 PEIA Plan Year 2013.docx; PEIA talking points; PEIA public hearings.doc; ACF presentation fall 2011.pptx; wvacf brochure 2010 outside Proof; wvacf brochure 2010 inside Proof; PEIA costs-article from Charleston Gazette by Phil Kabler, Oct 11, 2011
Oct 20 notes ACF annual presentation to HEPC reminder; Faculty Facts HEPC/CTC 2010 Report Card; Title 133-Series 32 Tuition & Fee Policy; HEPC Report Card 2010;
Sept 9 unapproved notes ACF Issues 2011-2012; Faculty Salaries at Public Institutions for All Acad Ranks-WV breakout; WV Great Teachers Seminar 2012 flyer-pdf; GTS Roster 2011; minutes from Summer Retreat: July 19, July 20; ACF Brochure 2012

Most of these documents will be in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office 2007 and 2003 formats. There are no zip files.