Faculty Senate Archives 2011-2012

ACADEMIC YEAR 2011 - 2012

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draft version
Date Agenda Minutes e-Handouts
Feb 3 pdf pdf VPAA-Byers docx, Provost-VPAA-Byers Jan 26 report-doc; VPSA-Casto docx; Cultural Activities & Educational Assemblies-Marrash-Minnerly, Request to Senate for Action: Streamlining the Process for Cultural Events-Dec 12, Posters for upcoming events, Theater Facilities Events Spring-Summer 2012 Calendar; EPC-Anderson; ad for President of WVSU; Fleming Hall update-email to listserv-Guetzloff; Enrollment Jan 18; Capital Campaign Gifts- Jan 20; Status of Information Technology, WVSU Telecom DataNetwork; WVSU Admission Standards Variance - Draft; July to Dec 31, 2012 Budget; Combined Financial Statement for Years ending June30, 2011 and 2010 with Independent Auditor's Report; HEPC sponsored trip to China ($600 for two prof.)-Natsis
March 2 docx VPSA-Casto; Budget actual expeditures Jan 2012-part 1, part 2; process of Presidential Search-March 7th; Resident Hall-request for Proposal; WV Legislature-viable bills; Great Teacher Seminar 2012, GTS Application form; EPC-Anderson 120 Credit Policy GE proposal-Lewis;
April 6 House Bills in Senate - March 12, 2012, Senate Bills in House - March 12, Completed Legislative Actions 2012 Session
May 4
Jan 11 docx Dec meeting (docx) Dr Byers Welcome to Faculty-Spring 2012, Academic & Student Support Staff Infomation from Dr Byers-Jan 9; Pres. Carter's Five Year Contract, Addendum to contract-Dec 2011; Daily Mail article Jan 2; Mantra Dorm Study-Single Page, Mantra Double Page format
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Executive Jan 6
Jan 27 docx
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Board of Governors - Reports

DateAgendaMinutes e-Handouts
Sept 9 doc pdf Faculty Senate meetings: 1:30 in 305 Ferrell Hall

General Ed-Pietruszynski; BOG Finance Committee reports; TransparencyWV site: on selection list below,WVSU spending by category for FY2012
Oct 7 pdf VPAA-Byers; VPSA-Casto pdf, docx; ACF-Ford, ACF Issues 2011-2012; Faculty Facts HEPC/CTC 2010 Report Card; WVSU Branding organization proposal; Method of calculating Faculty FTE; Finance Comm. Presentation to BOG-Sept 9th; Capital Campaign History: Appointment Letter; New Class Time Slot Schedule for Spring 2012;
Nov 4 pdf Provost-Byers; VPSA-Casto; VPBF-Jones-B & G Budget Reduction Plan FY12; ACF-Ford, ACF Reports; EPC-Anderson WVSU Magee Report from HEPC solutions, Response to Magee Report by BOG; PEIA article from Charleston Gazette by Phil Kabler, Oct 11, 2011
Dec 2 doc pdf Provost Byers, Provost-University Accomplishments & Progress Colleges and Departments; VPSA-Casto, WVSU Black & Gold Days Recruitment Initiative; ACF-Ford, ACF information; EPC-Anderson; Faculty Research & Development-Hankins
Aug 16 doc includes vote of "no confidence" Wallace Hall 122
10:30am - 12:30pm
- - - -
May 12 minutes; Letter to Faculty from FS Chair Ruhnke; 2011 Administrative Reporting Structure Changes-effective July 15; Goettler Assoc. Summary Letter to Pres. Carter;
Aug 25
Motion passed by Faculty August 25th; WVSU Organizational Chart as proposed by Dr. Byers-draft; BOG links; letter from Student Rep. BOG-Casdorph
Dec 15
12:20pm, W122
doc docx
President Search Plan; Pres. Carter's resignation letter; Pres. Carter's Five Year Contract
Executive Aug 11
Aug 15
Sep 2 docx
Sep 30 pdf
Oct 28 doc
Dec x

Board of Governors - Reports
Advisory Council of Faculty - Reports

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