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ACADEMIC YEAR 2012 - 2013

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Date Agenda Minutes e-Handouts
Feb 1 docx pdf December minutes; Provost Byers; EPC-Anderson, Library-Horn
March 1 pdf pdf Academic Affairs-Provost Byers; EPC-Anderson; prior SHIP discussions-BOG Dec 9, 2011 (pgs 3-4);
ACF-Rich: WV Legislature bill status; article from Inside Higher Ed Feb 11, 2013 on how the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh has attempted to rectify faculty salary compression; Series 53 Human Resources Admin-Dec 14, 2012 (staff classification, PIQs, raises); LOCEA presentation Nov 26, 2012; Smarter Balanced Nov 12, 2012; Outcomes Based Funding Proposed Legislation; Magan and Hemphill discussion of Outcomes Based Funding-Dec 2, 2013; College Scorecard article Feb 13, 2013, www.whitehouse.gov/scorecard; Press release for HEPC Master Plan-Dec 13, 2012, Leading the Way: Access. Success. Impact. (HEPC Master Plan Draft Dec 13, 2012);
Acad Appeals-Collins; WVSU Graduation Participation Policy Draft-Feb 2013; WVSU Outstanding Teacher Award 2013
April 5 docx pdf Community Service Day Volunteer Registration Form (for April 27th); Provost Byers report, Provost Byers message to faculty; EPC-Anderson; ACF-Ford, Great Teachers Seminar 2013; Faculty Personnel-Upali, WVSU Faculty Personnel Dates for Academic Review and Action 2013-2014 Academic Year; Shelter in Place email from VP Jones to FS Chair Ruhnke-April 5, 2013; Commencement Participation Policy-March 28 revision
May 3 docx
Provost Byers; EPC-Anderson; ACF-Ford; ACF: 2013 WV Great Teachers Seminar; Cultural Activities-Armstrong; Teacher Education-Orr; General Ed-Curriculum Revision Task Force: Call for Curriculum Framework Proposals
Jan 9 pdf
May 7 pdf
Executive Jan x
Jan x
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Board of Governors - Reports
Advisory Council of Faculty - Reports

DateAgendaMinutes e-Handouts
Sept 7 pdf doc Faculty Senate meeting: 1:30 in A113 (room changed for September meeting)
May 4th minutes
Provost Byers; WVSU FY2013 E & G Budget as of July 31, 2012, WVSU FY2012 E & G Budget as of June 30, 2012; ACF-Ford, HEPC letter to Governor Tomblin on proposed budget cuts Aug 20, 2012, ACF letter to Governor Tomblin about proposed budget cuts Aug 22, 2012, additional information:Advisory Council of Faculty - Reports; Camp Radio rent; WV college radio stations;
Oct 12 docx doc Faculty Senate meetings: 1:30 in 305 Ferrell Hall
Provost Byers report, Faculty Message-October 12th; EPC - Anderson; GenEd-Pietruszyski, Essential Outcomes Chart-GenEd;
Nov 2 docx pdf Provost Byers, Provost Byers Message (weather,DegreeWorks); EPC-Anderson; BOG-Guetzloff; Honors Program-Sklute, Honors Program Page check: Faculty resources,Events,Committee; ACF Reports
Dec 7 docx pdf Provost Byers rpt, Provost Byers message to Faculty and Acad Support Staff; EPC-Anderson; ACF report to BOG-Nov 19, 2012 Salary Presentation, 2012 Salary Data B, 2012 SREB salary data; 2012 Legislative Wrap, ACF Presentation 2012 to HEPC, ACF Presentation 2012 LOCEA, Glenville Summit Smarter Balanced-Oct 22, Outcomes Based Funding draft, comments; Faculty Scholarships-Conner, Protocol for Awarding WVSU Faculty Endowed & Restricted Scholarship
Aug 13 docx Wallace Hall 122
10:30am - 12:30pm

Dec 10
docx Wallace Hall 122 noon
Executive Aug xx
Aug 31
Sep 28
Oct 26
Nov 29

Board of Governors - Reports
Advisory Council of Faculty - Reports

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