Pathfinder Spain: a View of Changing Culture
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How do I 
get started?


Our Reference Department is a great place to get started; it has subject-specific dictionaries and encycyclopedias, which will help you to define and focus your research topic.Reference librarians are on duty at all hours and they are willing and able to assist you. The major Library of Congress classification numbers for Spanish are PQ (Spanish literature), and PC (Spanish language).
LC classifications for Spanish art, music, history, etc. are under the discipline not the country. So...
  • Spanish art is N5300 to N7418
  • Spanish history DP1 to DP299
  • Spain - social life and customs - 20th Century DP44 to DP53
  • Spanish music
Library of Congress Subject Headings Try using these subject headings, when searching our Chameleon online catalog:
1. Spain, 2. Spain-Civilization, 3. Spanish Literature, 4. Spain-History-[year], 5. Spanish Language, 6. Spain-Politics and Government, 7. Art, Spanish.
We subscribe to several large Internet-based periodical indexes which provide you full-text articles. Both EBSCOHost and Infotrac contain academic databases covering a wide range of topics. To access these database collections, look on the library homepage ( for the words "Mag/Journal Indexes with FullText Articles"
Where do I 
find Periodicals?


Use our Periodical Holdings List. We publish a list of our periodicals and scatter paper copies throughout the library, an online version is also available. This alphabetical list tells you what titles we own, the years, the volumes, and the format. Library staff will help you find the titles in our Periodicals Room. Periodicals cannot be checked out, but may be photocopied.
Some useful periodical titles are:
Espana Contemporanea - deals with the literature and culture of Spain (in Spanish)
European Education
European Foreign Affairs Review
Where do I 
find Reference Books in . . .
Listed below are  a few examples of the many titles in our reference collection that contain information on Spain and Spanish civilization.
- Literature


*World Authors, 1950-1970 and World Authors, 1970-1975, edited by John Wakeman. H.W.Wilson, 1974 and 1980. Ref PN 451 W3 and Ref PN 451 W67.
*Dictionary of Literary Biography: Twentieth Century Spanish Poets. Gale Research, 1991 and 1994. Ref PQ 6085 T88 1991 and 1994.
-Art *The Dictionary of Art, 34 volumes, ed. Jane Turner. MacMillan, 1996. Ref N 31 D5.
*Encyclopedia of World Art, 17 volumes, edited by Bernard Meyers. McGraw-Hill, 1959- . Ref N 31 E4833.
-Music *The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 20 volumes, edited by Stanley Sadie. MacMillan, 1980. Ref ML 100 N48.
-History *Historical Dictionary of Spain by Angel Smith. Scarecrow Press, 1996. Ref DP 12 S59.
-Culture *Encyclopedia of World Cultures, 10 volumes. G.K. Hall, 1991. Ref GN 307 E53.
*Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life, 4 volumes, edited by Timothy L. Gall. Gale, 1998. Ref GN 333 W67.
-Education *The International Encyclopedia of Education, edited by Torsten Husen and T. Neville Postlethwaite. Elsevier, 1994. Ref LB 15 I569.
*World Education Encyclopedia, Gale Group, 2002. Ref LB 15 .W87 2001
-Business *International Encyclopedia of Business & Management, 6 volumes, edited by Malcolm Warner. Routledge, 1996. Ref HF 1001 I53.


*Encyclopedia of Democracy, 4 volumes, edited by Seymour M. Lipset. Congressional Quarterly, 1995. Ref JC 423 E53 1995.
*Encyclopedia of Political Revolutions, 2 volumes, edited by Jack A. Goldstone. Congressional Quarterly, 1998. Ref JC 491 E63 1998.
*Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments, Document Expediting (DOCEX) Project. Ref JF 37 .P6 1998.
*Europa World Year Book, 1997, 2 volumes. Europa, 1996. Ref JN 1 E85
*Political Handbook of the World, 1997, ed. Arthur Banks. CSA, 1997. Ref JF 37 P6.
*Statesman's Yearbook, 131st edition, edited by Brian Hunter. St. Martin's Press, 1995. Ref JA 51 S7.
*Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, 5 volumes. Gale, 1995. Ref G 63 W67.
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