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Subject Encyclopedias and Handbooks Examples for English 112

English 112
Ref E 185.96 .C66 v. 1-- Contemporary Black Biography
Ref CT 100 .C8 v. 1-- Current Biography Yearbook
Ref HF 5381 .E52 1997 v. 1-4 Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance
Ref HF 5381 .U62 Occupational Outlook Handbook
Ref HN 57 .E58 1992 v. 1-3 Encyclopedia of American Social History
Ref HQ 534 .E53 1999 Encyclopedia of Family Life
Ref HQ 1115 .W645 1989, v. 1-3 Women's Studies Encyclopedia
Ref HQ 1115 .W6425 1997 Women's Issues
Ref HV 35 .S6 1995 v. 1-3 Encyclopedia of Social Work
Ref QH 332 .E52 1995 v. 1-5 Encyclopedia of Bioethics
Ref PN 44.5 .M86 1997 Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms
Ref PN 44.5 S46 Dictionary of Literary Terms
Ref PN 50 .L574 1997 v. 1-7 Literature and Its Times
Ref Q 121 .D67 1997 (in IMC) DK Science Encyclopedia
Ref Q 121 .M3 1997 v. 1-20 McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology
Ref Q 184.5 .I57 1997 Instruments of Science
Ref QP 301 .W6749 1999 Physiology of Sport and Exercise
Ref RC 41 .M34 1998 v. 1-3 McGill's Medical Guide
Periodical Which Provides Specific Overview like a Subject Encyclopedia
Ref H 35 .E3525 CQ Researcher
Note: CQ Researcher is technically a periodical which is published every two weeks. It works like an encyclopedia though. It takes a topic of current interest and examines the issues from all viewpoints. This coverage allows readers an overview of a subject from which they can began to focus their thinking. Also it provides a bibliography for further research.

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