Spanish Class Web Sites
These sites are in English unless otherwise stated.
Welcome page with an invite to Discover Spain
(nice tabs to further cultural material)
Spain travel news.
(good site for your class - esp. the links in the red box)
An extended links page
goes beyond the red box links.
Extra special Spanish information for your discovery:
About network (a good commercial site -- BUT may cost you $$) (same commerial site)
Si, Spain (Welcome page) (good source of info; culture, customs, geography, Spanish policy ...)
Spain Guides good site
All about Spain (wow! Really good intro page
Biblioteca Nacional de Espana (Web site for the Spanish National Library, a good site; some of the more in-depth pages are only available in Spanish.)
History of Spain (Photos of the actual documents can be viewed, much of the site is in Spanish)
American Chamber of Commerce in Spain (helpful for industry/comerce information: names, address, business type; some parts are restricted to members only
Spain's Mission to the U.N. (good site)
Consulate General of Spain in New York
Government Information Pages:
Spanish Government (good information and examples of regional government)
Spanish Government (good information but deeper research may cost $)
Governments information on the WWW
World Factbook - a product of the United States Central Intelligence Agency

About Spain
All about Spain Biblioteca Nacional de Espana History of Spain Spain: Si, Spain Spain Guides Spainís Mission to the U.N. Spanish Newspaper Search Engines

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