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001  vtls000004341
003  VRT
005  20131022112600.0
008  050516c19799999iluar m 0 a0eng d
010  \a 80-642217
0220 \a 0192-3234
035  \a ocm05015066 000208
039 9\a 201310221126 \b cat \c 201302051255 \d cat \c 201203081505 \d cat \c 201203081401 \d cat \y 2000080717420000 \z load
040  \a NSD \c NSD \d DLC \d YUS \d NSD \d NST \d OCL \d HUL \d WVG
049  \a WVGP \c 1 [112272-1979-v.1], 2 [18500-1980-v.2], 3 [96408-1981-v.3], 4 [20201-1983-v.4], 5 [56181-1983-v.5] [See 949 for acession #'s]
05000\a HV6001 \b .C672
2100 \a Crime justice \b (Chic. Ill.)
24500\a Crime and justice : \b An annual review of research /
246  \a Crime and justice: \b A review of research
260  \a Chicago, \b University of Chicago Press \c [c1979-
265  \a Thomas Fischer, University of Chicago Press, 5801 Ellis Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60637
300  \a v. \c 24 cm.
3620 \a v. 1-
500  \a "An annual review of research."
5100 \a Essay and general literature index \x 0014-083X
590  \a REF. \x Hogue \x 37 \x hardcover..
650 0\a Crime \x Periodicals.
650 0\a Criminal justice, Administration of \x Periodicals.
73001\a Prediction and classification : Criminal justice decision making. \v v.9
73001\a Family violence. \v v.11
73001\a Drugs and crime. \v v.13
73001\a Modern policing. \v v.15
73001\a Communities and crime. \v v.8
73001\a Beyond the law. \v v. 18.
73001\a Building a safer society. \v v. 19.
73001\a criminal deterrence research at the outset. \v v.23
73001\a sexual predators and social policy. \v v.23
73001\a developmental criminology updated. \v v.23
73001\a intermediate sanctions in sentencing. \v v.23
73001\a juvenile crime and violence in europe. \v v.23
73001\a excusing and the new excuse defenses. \v v.23
73001\a multiple homicide patterns of serial. \v v.23
910  \a rece9408 rece9604 rece9703 rece9707
91000\a acqx01 rece0111 \a acqx rece9910, \a ACQX rece9810, \a acqx rece0001
91000\a TITTLEIII01
91000\a acqx03 rece0309-v.30
91000\a acqx04 rece0408
91000\a acqx05 rece0505
91000\a acqx06 rece0610
91000\a acqx08 rece0810-V.37
91000\a acqx09 rece0912-V.38
91000\a acqx11 rece1101-V.39
91000\a WVSCSTANDINGORDER February 2013
91000\a acqx12 rece1203-V.40
91000\a acqx13 rece1302-V.41
91000\a acqx13 rece1310-V.42
949  \a WV8R \c 6 [303488-1993-v.17], 7 [302683-v.18], 8 [305635-1995-v.19], 9 [306165-1996-v.20], 10 [307688-v.21-1997], 11 [308460-v.22-1997], 12 [149736-1985-V.6], 13 [25510-1986-V.7], 14 [112956-1986-V.8]
949  \a WVGP \c 15 [65630-1987-V.9], 16 [58516-1988-V.10], 17 [76679-1989-V.11-pbk], 18 [7383-1990-V.12], 19 [36745-1990-V.13], 20 [121966-1991-V.14]
949  \a WVGP \c 21 [36746-1992-V.15], 22 [31581-1992-V.16]
949  \a WV8R \c 1 [313765-1998-v.23], 2 [317567-1999-v.25], 3 [317981-1999-v.26], 4 [319427-2000-V.27], 4 [320948-V.28], 5 [324901-V.30], 6 [325621-V.31],7 [327337-V.32], 8 [329155-V.34], 9. [314540-V. 24], 10. [330014-V. 36-2007], 11 [330686-V.37-2008] 12 [331520-V.38-2009], 13 [331830-V.39], 14. [332266-V.40], 15. [332636-V.41]

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