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001  vtls000008636
003  VRT
005  20140320083400.0
008  751028c19uu9999dcuar1 f0 a0eng
010  \a 73-600118 //r873
0221 \a 0097-7799
035  \a ocm02239457 000309
039 9\a 201403200834 \b cat \c 201303281325 \d cat \c 201203281347 \d cat \c 201103041317 \d cat \y 2000080717520000 \z load
040  \a DLC \c DLC \d OCL \d NSD \d DLC \d m.c. \d GPO \d NST \d RCS \d GPO \d NST \d GPO \d HUL \d NST \d NSD \d GPO \d NST \d GPO \d m/c \d DLC \d GPO \d NST \d OCL \d GPO \d NST \d GPO \d NST \d WAU \d NST \d GPO \d NST \d GPO
049  \a WVGC \c [1pbk] \a WVGP \c 1 [0-1997-PT.1-pbk], 2 [0-1997-PT.2-pbk], 3 [0-1997-UPDATE-pbk], 4 [607445-1999-update-binder]
05000\a HC110.P63 \b U53
222 0\a Catalog of Federal domestic assistance
24500\a Catalog of Federal domestic assistance.
260  \a Washington, D.C. : \b The Office of Management and Budget : \b For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O.,
265  \a Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Washington, D.C. 20402
300  \a v. ; \c 28 cm.
310  \a Annual
500  \a Description based on: 1976; title from cover.
530  \a Vols. for <1986-> distributed to depository libraries in microfiche.
550  \a Vols. for 19 -1970 issued by: the Office of Economic Opportunity; 1971- by: the Office of Management and Budget.
550  \a Vols. for <1986-> issued jointly with the U.S. General Services Administration.
580  \a Updated by: Update to the ... catalog of Federal domestic assistance.
650 0\a Economic assistance, Domestic \z United States \x Periodicals.
650 0\a Grants-in-aid \z United States \x Periodicals.
71010\a United States. \b Office of Management and Budget.
71010\a United States. \b Office of Economic Opportunity.
71010\a United States. \b General Services Administration.
78000\t Catalog of federal assistance program \w (OCoLC)1185071 \w (DLC)sf 83009024
7871 \t Update to the ... Catalog of Federal domestic assistance \w (DLC) 76641059 \w (OCoLC)2246467
910  \a usdd rece0002
91000\a usdd05 rece0502
91000\a usdd06 rece0603-2 vols.
91000\a usdd07 rece0703-2 vols
91000\a usdd08 rece0808-2 vols.-2007
91000\a usdd09 rece0907-2 vols. 2008
91000\a usdd10 rece1007-2 vols. 2009
91000\a usdd11 rece1103-2 Vols. 2010
91000\a usdd12 rece1203-2 Vols. 2011
91000\a usdd13 rece1303-2 Vols. 2012
91000\a usdd14 rece1403-2 Vols. 2013
949  \a WV8R \c 1 [619005-2004-V.1], 2 [619006-2004-V.2], 3 [619455-V.1-2005-pbk.], 4 [619456-V.2-2005-pbk.], 5 [619560-V.2-pbk.], 6 [619559-V.1-pbk.], 7 [611585-2007-V.1-pbk.], 8 [611586-2007-V.2-pbk.], 9 [612717-V.1-2008-pbk., 10 [612718-V.2-2008-pbk.], 11 [613874-2009-V.1-pbk.], 12 [613875-2009-V.2.-pbk.], 13. [614347-2010-V.2-pbk.], 14. [614346-V.1-pbk.], 15. [614856-2011-V.1-pbk.], 16. [614855-2011-V.2-pbk.], 17. [615198-2012-V.1-pbk.], 18. [615199-2012-V.2-pbk.], 19. [636630-2013-V.1-pbk.], 20. [636631-2013-V.2-pbk.]

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