Pathfinder Business Research

... in the Drain-Jordan Library, West Virginia State University
Students are encouraged to exploit the resources of the Drain-Jordan Library. The library offers databases (collections of electronic articles); print and e (electronic) books; and print/microfilm journals. There are facts, opinions, and statistics to support and enhance any research project.
Let's Get Started!
The library's web site ( is an excellent starting point. The online book catalog and some databases are always available (24/7/365) on OR off-campus. To access some of the databases off-campus, simply input the library barcode located on the back of a WVSU ID. Of course all the library resources are available in the library whenever it is open. If you need assistance with the library's resources, please do not hesitate to ask a librarian for help.
    Assistance is available the following ways:
  1. In person at the reference desk
  2. Telephone-reference desk direct line is 304-766-3135 or call the main number of the library 304-766-3116
  3. Ask-A-Librarian email located on the library's web page
  1. To search for e(electronic) books - click on the Research Tools link located near the top of the library web Next click on the E-Book Collections link. Now click on the Gale Virtual Reference Library Set Purchases link. Several business related ebooks are available both on or off campus.
  2. To search for journal articles, click on the Research Tools link located near the top of the library web site - and then click on Database Journal Articles link. (Remember databases are collections of articles in electronic format.) On the left side of this page, are subject divisions. Click on the Business/Economics link to search in business related databases.
  3. Other business related links are listed under the Research Tools link. Click on the Search By Subject link for additional business information.
  4. Other business resources include print books, journals and newspapers. Some business journal and newspapers are available in microfilm format.


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