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The Drain-Jordan Library offers many ebooks (electronic books) that are available 24/7/365 days a year on or off-campus. the ebboks provide complete books in electronic format making them always available.


  1. What is an ebook?
    An ebook is a complete electronic version of a print book.
  2. When can I use an ebook?
    The ebook collection is available 24/7/365 days a year.
  3. How do I access ebooks off-campus?
    When it asks for an ID or login password, you will need to input the library barcode number located on the back of your student ID that starts with a "2".
  4. Are the ebooks downloadable?
    No, at this time ebooks cannot be downloaded. You connect and read them online. If you close the book or stop using it for about twenty minutes the ebook is checked back in. It is only checked out while you are using it. You can reopen the book any time it is not in use.
  5. How do a find an ebook on my subject?
    The largest collection of ebooks in the library is the Ebsco Ebook Collection (formerly NetLibrary). There are several ways to access them, but the easiest way to focus on a particular subject is through the library catalog with a keyword search. In the first field enter the term: netlib*, you can enter other terms in the following fields to narrow the search to your subject.

    You can also keyword search and display/sort the results with the most recent published titles first; most of this collection was published within the last decade+.
  6. Why didn't the ebook link in the catalog work?
    If you are off-campus the catalog url may not work due to vendor security. Recheck the catalog for the book's title and vendor, then access them through the ebook vendor's link using your library barcode number. Some ebook links are Federal Government Depository Library purls (permanent urls) that may display the book or just a description of the book.
  7. What if I need additional help?
    You may contact the library at 304-766-3116 or through the chat, text, or email services listed/linked on the Ask-A-Librarian page.