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User Education

Welcome to the Library portal for User Education. This site provides access to information, Library instruction, helpful resource guides, online tutorials, and more.

  • Find/Getting Started - Provides instructional information on topic selection, finding books, articles, and reference materials.
  • Find More/Doing Research - Provides access to instructional guides on finding more specialized library materials, such as book reviews, presidential papers, speeches, etc.
  • Research/Quick Starts - Discover the research process. Contains instructional guides on lhow to select a topic, create an annotated bibliography, and more. What did my professor mean when he asked for...
  • Cite/How to & Why Should I Cite - Citation is an important step in documenting and crediting your paper's references. Learn how to properly cite using formats such as APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Evaluate/Review and Evaluate - Evaluating academic materials is an important part of the research process. Learn how to determine if a source is appropriate for your scholarly needs.
  • iGuides/Internet Evaluation - A basic introduction to the Internet and the WWW. Provides instruction on search strategies and Internet search tools.