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Interlibrary Loan is a service provided for West Virginia State University faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students.

Online forms are attached below. After completion, an email with your submitted information will automatically be sent to you. Submitted forms take 5 days to 2 weeks for processing through the libraries. Books and other physical materials may be picked up at the library. You will be notified of their arrival. Materials that arrive in digital format at the Drain-Jordan Library for your use will be forwarded to you at the WVSU email address that you submitted on the request form.

If you decide you no longer need the material, PLEASE notify the library; although the borrower is not usually charged for loans (notified first), the library has to pay fees for borrowed material. Do not use ASAP, we process as quickly as possible. If the libraries we are borrowing from cannot deliver by that date - it tells us to stop, you no longer need the material.

The library uses two different forms for ILL: one for periodicals (magazine, journal and newspaper articles) and one for books, pamphlets, and other documents. Please fill out the forms with complete information. You may need to adapt the information for clarity, enter as much data as possible.

Forms for Periodicals (magazines and journals)
Forms for Books, pamphlets and documents