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Library Material on Reserve:
Information for Faculty

The library will put any material the Course Instructor requests on Reserve for use by their students. However, to ensure the materials are available when the students need them, a few steps must be followed by Faculty to ensure that the request is properly served.

  1. All books and reprints must be submitted or requested in writing seven (7) days prior to making students aware of the assignment.
  2. A Library Reserve Request Form must be filled out for any material(s) placed on Reserve. (The Library Reserve Request Form is downloadable below in two formats).
  3. If material is allowed to leave the Library, this information must be placed on the Reserve Request Form. Reserve items do NOT typically leave the library.
  4. RESERVE REQUESTS MUST BE RENEWED EVERY SEMESTER or THE MATERIAL WILL BE TAKEN OFF THE RESERVE SHELF. Any Library material(s) needed for class assignments should be placed on Reserve to ensure that the entire class will have access to them. If the item is in the circulating collection (not in reserve) it will be checked out by the first student looking for it.

    Please do not send students to the Library in search of materials that have not already been placed on Reserve.