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Collaboration & Engagement Rooms

The Collaboration & Engagement Rooms are large rooms located on the second floor of the WVSU Drain-Jordan Library designed for group studying, meetings, and similar events.

The Collaboration Rooms can be reserved for any time the library is open, except: the first 15 minutes after the library opens and the last 15 minutes before the library closes. The rooms are considered closed at that time for the process of opening and closing down the building.

The rooms can only be reserved by currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. A WVSU ID will be required and retained at the Circulation Desk before entering the room. It will be given back once everyone has exited the room. Remember to stop at the Circulation Desk to indicate your group's departure and pick up your ID.

Once a student picks up their WVSU id from the Circulation Desk, that will end their timeslot in the room regardless of if there is technically remaining time. The timeslot will be canceled and a new reservation will be needed if a student wishes to continue using the room.

Please clean up any trash, wipe off the whiteboards, gather all your items, turn off all lights and close the locked door as you exit the room at the end of your reservation slot.

When filling out the Online Reservation Form (url link and icon link below), you are agreeing to abide by all library rules and conditions as well as the following additional rules:

  • Participants creating a disturbance or behaving a way that other library patrons outside of the reserved collaboration room can hear/are disturbed by will be asked to leave.
  • Participants that leave the collaboration rooms in disorder or otherwise make a mess in the rooms will be tracked via the information given here.
  • If repeated offenses occur of these rules and/or other releated issues pertaining to the collaboration rooms, participants may be no longer allowed to reserve the rooms.
LINKS: url: https://www.picktime.com/wvsudrainjordanlibrary icon/link to FORM for reserving a Collaboration Room