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Library Departments

The MAIN Library phone is 304-766-3116.
The reference desk is 304-766-3135

Other office phones are listed below, HOWEVER most librarians and staff spend more time on "out of office duties" (reference desk, bibliographic instruction, etc.) than "in the office." So...you are more likely to "catch" a specific person by phoning the MAIN (circulation) desk and having them transfer the call in the direction "your target" was heading. Names appear under more than one heading due to split and shared duties.
Our staff members are here to assist you with your information needs. Please contact ANY of us if we can help you in your scholarly endeavors or information needs.

Administration Library Director/Associate Librarian Dr. Willette F. Stinson, Ph.D. 304-766-3239
Archives DepartmentArchivist/Librarian Seth Caudill 304-766-3023
• Archives Department Library Associate Janice Young 304-766-5753
Circulation Department Head of Circulation Diana Haberfield304-766-3116
Government Documents Government Documents Librarian Rachael Jackson304-766-5222
Instructional Materials Center (IMC)Library Associate Nancy Sims 304-766-3218
Interlibrary Loans (ILL)Head of Circulation Diana Haberfield 304-766-3116
Library Instruction (Bibliographic Instruction) Visiting Associate Librarian Edward C. Lomax, Ph.D. 204-766-3162
Periodicals Department Serials Librarian Rachael Jackson 304-766-5222
• Periodicals Department / Cataloging Library Associate Tammy Naylor304-766-5176
Reference Department Visiting Associate Librarian Edward C. Lomax, Ph.D. 304-766-3162
Systems Department Systems Librarian Deborah Wells 304-766-3150